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The Story of Coombe Abbey

This is an updated internet version of the book "The Story of Coombe Abbey by D.L.Motkin published by the House Committee of Coombe Abbey in 1961".  This internet version was first published 13-May-2004 - updates since then are summarised in the News Archive page, which also highlights latest news or plans..

Cover of 1961 paper book


Chapter     Title and link
Monks come to Combe
II Monks, Murder and Theft
III Henry VIII and the Dissolution
IV An Age of Intrigue
Virtus in Actione Consistit
VI The Wind of Change
VII The present days (from 1961)
VIII The Buildings
Annex A   List of Abbots
Annex B Key Dates
Annex C Bibliography
Annex D Acknowledgements and Thanks


                Title and link
Annex E   List of Illustrations - giving links to view of illustration (which show illustration in bottom frame of same page), and source information.
Annex F Then & Now - Set of illustrations, with a modern photo from the same viewpoint today.  Presented as a single document.  Note that this page may take a long time to load the first time you try, but after loading this, illustrations in all chapters will load faster.


                Title and link
News Archive - news items about the development of this site, with the latest at the top.  It serves to retain a brief record of evolution from initial publication to today.
Print Versions - this web-site as PDF files, with notes on how to use, and how they were created

See also:

 ExtBBC web-site - includes description and photographs Coventry City Council free leaflet "Coombe Country Park" available from Coombe Abbey visitor centre - includes map, description and details Coventry City Council Coombe Country Park Woodlands leaflet. Includes sketch map. ExtNo Ordinary Hotels Coombe Abbey web site

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