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The aim of this site is to summarise the many walks in Coventry, UK.  This is achieved by providing a set of Coventry Walks Maps and an index with links to descriptions of individual walks or walking areas.  Where available, these links will take you to a web site external to this one; in other cases the link is to a copy of a paper booklet published on this site, or a brief description on this site, usually supported by a little photo.

For more background information see:

Sowe Valley Footpath - Map 33 X13
Sowe Valley Footpath - Map 33 X13 - Oct-2001

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Date               News item
12-Jan-2015 Happy New Year.  Sorry about no changes for nearly two years, but only updates have been minor corrections or updates/deletions of "broken links".  I have however just done a mass update of outstanding broken links, so there should be ZERO.  (Please let me know of any if I'm wrong!)
14-May-2013 - All Maps now updated as part of "OSM Harmonisation" plan.  Let me know if I have missed something! more
04-May-2013 - Maps 11 to 31 (7 out of 12) updated as part of "OSM Harmonisation" plan.  Remaining 5 to follow soon!  more
26-Apr-2013 - New issue of base maps incorporated
23-Jan-2013 - Sowe Valley Footpath diverted route & "New housing being built" areas added to Map 23 (for Extmore detail see OSM)
23-Jan-2013 - OSM maps now include all C-W mapped paths - and much more
News Archive   See News Archive page for earlier news items, forming a short history of this sites evolution.
Feedback    All suggestions for improvements, corrections or additions welcome - please e-mail me at


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The index tables are in three sections, Long Distance WalksOther Good Walks and Walking Areas,   Villages & Parishes .  Use these links, or the "Index Hotlinks" just below the picture at top of this page.  Links to sites External to Coventry Walks site are indicated by Ext symbol, and will open in a new window.

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