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just walk it - a walk along Canley Brook

Transcript from Coventry City Council brochure published Oct-2002

Cover of brochure

The Friends of
Canley Ford

The Friends of Canley Ford are a group of Volunteers who are commited to improving the environment in and around Canley Ford for conservation and woldlife purposes.

The group welcomes new members and anyone interested in joining them or wanting to know more about the Canley Ford area.  You can contact them by telephone on 024 7667 2884 or visit their website .

(Distance 6 miles)  Bus Services 14A, 14C, 15A, 15C  and PARK and RIDE South
Car Parking in the War Memorial Park

The walk starts at the War Memorial Park, Park and Ride.  Leave the park and turn left at Kenilworth Road.  Continue to the pedestrian crossing near the junction with Coat of Arms Bridge Road.  Cross over the road, turn left towards Canley Ford, turn right and follow the road down towards the gate on the left leading to the Wildflower Meadow, turn right and follow the path to the exit gate.  Out of the gate, go down the steps to the right and turn left across the bridge and follow the road to Fletchamstead Highway.

Cross over at the Highway using the crossings (as this is a very busy road), turn left, walk past Tutbury Avenue to bridge number 248 7OQ (on your right) over Canley Brook.  Take the path to the right hand side of the brook and follow to Cannon Hill Road.

Cross the road and take the path to the left hand side of the brook, follow this to the wooden bridge, turn left (do not cross the bridge), turn next right and follow the path between the newly planted Gibbet Hilt Wood and Tocil Wood until meeting the tarmac road.

Turn right on this road, cross the bridge and turn next right and follow the path past the pool.  Continue over the next metal bridge and turn left at the path junction.

Keep the brook to your left and another pool to your right, follow to Sir William Lyons Road, go straight ahead to Lynchgate Road, continue straight on using the footpath to the left, bear left to Kirby Corner Road.  Cross over the road near the roundabout, to Charter Avenue. Cross over the pedestrian crossing, turn left, then right into Moat House Lane.  At the end of the lane take the path alongside the playing fields turning left over the bridge at the bend, then right back to the highway.  Turn left.  On reaching Prior Deram Walk at the end of the park, cross over the road and go through the subway to your right taking you into Burnsall Road.

At the end of the subway ramp turn right.  Take the path through the Community Wildlife Park and at the exit on Sir Henry Parks Road, turn left to meet up again with Burnsall Road.

Turn right and right again at Canley Road.  Follow back towards the Highway, take the third turning on your left into The Riddings (before the road bridge), follow to the junction with Bates Road and turn right, taking the path across the Hearsall Golf Course, turning left at Canley Ford and following the road back up to Kenilworth Road, turning left and returning to the War Memorial Park. 

Alternative Shorter Route:   Follow above to Lynchgate Road.  Turn right into Shultern Lane, follow the lane into Ivy Farm Lane.  Turn left on reaching Cannon Hill Road, then right to bring you back to the Fletchamstead Highway crossing.  Retrace outgoing route along Watery Lane, Canley Ford and Leamington Road.

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