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Caludon Castle Park

Caludon Castle Park - January 2002

Caludon Castle Park is one of Coventry's Formal Parks, (also known as Caludon Hall Park?).

It is a pleasant stretch of open grassland, with a Children's Playground.

The main feature is an imposing ruin of part of the castle, surrounded on three sides by a moat.

At the southern end is a separate little flat meadow surrounded by the remains of another moat - was this the site of Caludon Farmhouse? 

For Caludon Castle,Park history:


Good for Dogs rating: 2 dogs

A good sized open space, with areas of interest to explore, and well away from roads.  Maybe should be rated 3 dogs, but I didn't meet many when I visited (maybe it was too cold and snowy, but I met many dogs at Floyds Fields when the snow was a lot deeper)? 

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