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SUTTON STOP LOCK - November 2001

THE GREYHOUND PUB, Sutton Stop - November 2001

Sutton Stop / Hawkesbury Junction

The "Stop Lock" at Hawkesbury Junction.

This is the  Junction of the Coventry Canal and the Oxford Canal.  Also the end of the Coventry Canal Art Trail, the start of  the Sowe Valley Footpath plus a point on the Warwickshire Centenary Way!

For more details about what you can see at Hawkesbury Junction, plus some history notes, see  Hawkesbury Junction Conservation Area


  ... or have lunch or a drink at the Greyhound, and ask in the Pub.

Good for Dogs rating: 2 dogs

Plenty of scope for walking dogs, especially in the areas to the south of the canal.

Panoramic Views

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