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Longford Corridor

Includes Longford Community Nature Park, Longford Park and the link to the Sowe Valley Footpath. 

Longford Park - Nov-2001

Longford Community Nature Park - Nov-2001

The bridge over River Sowe, Longford Community Nature Park - Oct-2002

Longford Park & Longford Community Nature Park

Longford Park is a local park for Longford & Alderman's Green, but well worth a visit.  The central part of "Longford Corridor", with the River Sowe flowing through wide areas of grass.  Coventry City Council's Green Space Strategy shows Longford Park as a "Proposed Major Community Park" 

Just across Longford Road from the main Longford Road entrance to Longford park, a path leads past a grassy patch in front of an advertising hording.  Follow this to a surprising large green area, with paths joining up with Coventry Canal.   This is Longford Community Nature Park.  Designated as a "Coventry Nature Conservation Site".  The River Sowe also flows through the Nature Park.

From the western end of Longford Community Nature Park a path leads down to Coventry Canal, and from the Western end of Longford Park a route can be found to join the Sowe Valley Footpath.  This enables useful long distance routes to be explored - maybe a purist would regard this as an alternative northern end to the Sowe Valley Footpath?

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Good for Dogs rating: 3 dogs

Longford Park is an excellent area for dogs.  Lots of open grass, rough grass, a river, and a stream.  Good car parks. 

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