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just walk it - a walk through Three Woods of Tile Hill

Transcript from Coventry City Council brochure published Oct-2002

(Distance 2.2 Miles) Bus Services 32W, 33A, 34

Plants Hill Wood is a mixed wood of 22 acres with some trees around 160 to 180 years old.

Pig Wood is 14 acres, the smallest of the three woods; the area adjacent to Tile Hill Lane was planted around 1900.

Tile Hill Wood has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).  It is a mixed woodland covering 70 acres.

Tile Hill Woods provide pleasant and easy walking, although they can become very muddy in wet weather.

The walk starts in Banner Lane (opposite Wickman Drive), where parking is available in the lay by at the gate to Tile Hill Wood.  Follow Banner Lane footpath south to the junction with Tile Hill Lane.  Cross the road, turn left, past Hathaway Road, until you reach the entrance to Plants Hill Wood on your right.

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Enter the wood, take the first path to your right and follow around the edge until you come to a T-junction with a very wide path to your left.  Take the path to the left and follow this route through the middle of the wood until reaching a large clearing towards the end of the path.  Here take a diagonal path to the left, that returns to Tile Hill Lane.  Cross over the road again and turn right, and follow to Hawthorne Lane.  Turn left into Hawthorne Lane and continue until reaching the entrance to Pig Wood.

Go into the wood, turn left and follow the path around the edge of the wood, until returning back to Hawthorne Lane.  Turn left, follow the road past Nutbrook Avenue, and turn left up the entry way on the bend of Roosevelt Drive and behind the houses of Empire Road.  On reaching the end of the gardens of the houses in Nutbrook Avenue, turn left and enter Tile Hill Wood, follow the path straight on and continue on round the right hand curve, turn right at the T-junction, follow this path across the wooden bridge and turn left at the next junction.  Keep on this path to the gate at Banner Lane entrance and finish at the lay by. 

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