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Tocil Wood

Transcript from information board published on the site.  

Welcome to Tocil Wood and Meadow LNR, an ancient oak woodland with swamp and wet meadow which has existed for many centuries.  This nature reserve is owned by Coventry City Council and managed by Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.

Historic evidence shows the wood to be at least 400 years old and archaeological earthworks within the wood date back to the first and second century AD.  More recent features include ridge and furrow left over from mediaeval agriculture.


The woodland is dominated by pedunculate oak, ash and sycamore with areas of hazel coppice, now actively managed by a group of volunteers.


Coppicing involves cutting down a small area of wood each year, leaving a scattering of standard trees.  The coppiced area is then allowed to regrow which creates a diversity of structure from open newly cut areas to dense mature areas.  Birds such as willow warblers and blackcaps benefit from coppicing.

Invasive plants such as sycamore and Himalayan balsam are being controlled to prevent them taking over from our native plants.

Marsh Marigold

The wood is important for the dead and decaying wood it houses and the insects which thrive on it.  Many species of fungi can also be seen, such as oyster fungus and Judas' ear.  Small mammals such as stoats and weasels seek refuge in the wood end seven species of bat have been recorded.

The nature reserve is an array of colour in the spring and summer.  Look out for bluebells and wood anemones in the woodland, and yellow flag iris, betony, meadow sweet and marsh marigold in the wet meadow and marsh.

Please respect the nature reserve and its wildlife

  • Leave nothing but footprints
  • Take nothing but photographs
  • Stay on the paths
  • Please keep quiet and enjoy what you can hear
  • Please keep dogs under proper control

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust is the leading local environmental charity conserving wildlife and natural places throughout Warwickshire, Coventry and Solihull.  As a membership organisation we need your support to help our work for nature conservation and the environment.

  • We safeguard local wildlife by
  • Caring for over 55 nature reserves
  • Campaigning for wildlife and the environment
  • Helping people to enjoy nature
  • Working with schools and community groups
  • Encouraging volunteers

If you would like information on membership or how you can help manage our nature reserves please contact

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust
Brandon Marsh Nature Centre
Brandon Lane,  Brandon,
Coventry  CV3 3GW

Tel: 024 7630 2912

Registered charity number 209200

One of a nationwide network of Wildlife Trust nature reserves

Tocil Wood - May 2002


Tocil Wood is ancient woodland located between Tocil Pools and the new Gibbet Hill Wood.  The path and cycle track from the main University site to the Gibbet Hill site goes past all three.

Good for Dogs rating: 3 dogs

Together with Gibbet Hill Wood and Tocil Pools, these are lovely areas for dogs, no need for leads, no stiles, lots of rabbits, lovely woods and open areas, small stream running through with lakes and ducks/geese within the University campus, easy access for the car.  You do have to keep dogs on a lead if you go into the actual University grounds.

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